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18 Maggio 2022
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Transport bag
18 Maggio 2022
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Safety crocodile clips

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Safety crocodile clips – 1 set

Use the handy safety crocodile clips for easy measurement of electrical parameters. Simply put the measuring cables into the safety crocodile clip to carry out the measurement. This means your hands are free for other tasks.
If you want to carry out easy measurements on systems, these safety crocodile clips are just right for you! The large dimensions mean they are easy to grip and therefore make it easier to clamp cables.

For mounting, the safety crocodile clips made of hard plastic are simply attached to the Testo standard measuring cables (order-number 0590 0011; 0590 0012; 0590 0013; 0590 0014) or other makes of measuring cables.
1 set of safety crocodile clips, CAT III 600 V measurement category, maximum current 10 A.


95 x 46 x 24 mm

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