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18 Maggio 2022
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testo 206-pH3

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testo 206-pH3 – Misuratore di pH con sonde intercambiabili

Are you looking for a pH measuring instrument for flexible use (e.g. in liquid, semi-solid or even more aggressive media)? The advantage of the testo 206-pH3 pH measuring instrument is that it enables you to connect an external pH probe for adjusting the measuring instrument to your requirements.
The pH value is an important parameter for guaranteeing the quality of products in the food sector, the cosmetics industry and the sanitary and HVAC sector, etc. The testo 206-pH3 is a pH measuring instrument for flexible use.

The advantages and features of the testo 206-pH3 pH measuring instrument

The main advantage of the testo 206-pH3 pH measuring instrument is that it has a connection for an external pH probe. You can use the BNC socket to connect a probe suited to your requirements and swap it as and when needed (probe can be ordered separately). Testo offers pH probes for liquids, a food probe (also for semi-solid media) and a pH glass electrode for use in more aggressive media.

Some pH probes from Testo have an in-built temperature sensor. When this kind of probe is used, the delivered temperature value is evaluated automatically. In the case of probes without a temperature sensor, the temperature can be adjusted manually.

Automatic final value recognition makes the measuring process easier. The TopSafe protective case provided protects the measuring instrument against dirt, water and impact (in compliance with IP 68). This means that the measuring instrument can also be used outdoors or in harsh industrial conditions.

Note: to commission the testo 206-pH3 pH measuring instrument, you will need a connectible pH probe (can also be ordered). Testo offers various probes. You can also use suitable pH probes from other manufacturers.
Strumento di misura del pH testo 206-pH3 con connettore BNC per collegamento a sonde intercambiabili (non incluse). Include custodia protettiva TopSafe e aggancio a cintura/parate.


197 x 33 x 20 mm ((L x W x H))
110 x 33 x 20 mm (without probe and TopSafe)

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